You Won’t Believe What Democrats Just Did To Stop Border Crisis Hearings

The setup was like a normal congressional hearing. There were Congress-members, witnesses, cameras, and press members, including me. But what was strange was the location of the hearing.

Members of the House Freedom Caucus, spearheaded by Republican Chairman Scott Perry (PA), were having the hearing at FreedomWorks, which is a conservative advocacy group, because Dems have been preventing them from holding hearings about the open border agenda at the U.S.-Mexico border. Democrats are the majority and can dictate if these hearings happen, according to the congress-members.

“We have repeatedly asked that congressional committees have hearings to investigate the current border crisis and the programs and policies that created the crisis but we are now here off campus because Dem leaders have zero interest in this! Neither does the Biden White House nor will they even allow us access to facilities and rooms to have these kinds of hearings,” Republican Rep. Andy Biggs (AZ) said during his opening remarks.

The more than two-hour hearing went over several issues that were exacerbated at the southern border and within the U.S. When it came to a new video that leaked revealing the transportation of illegals who were being transported into the country during the night, Joseph Edlow, former acting director for U.S. Immigration Services, said he does not see what authority the Biden White House is using to justify transporting single adult men from the border and flying them into the country.

“Those are the ones where I am not sure what the authority is to allow people outside the border into the country in the first place,” Edlow stated, adding that he thinks the DHS is placing the men away from the border because they are coming in from areas where the Deportation Protection Protocols are not valid.

“Why are they not Title 42? I don’t know why these people are not appropriate for Title 42…What is the authority then to allow them to move away from the border? There is none. There is no parole authority that exists that would allow DHS to release these people and put them on flights,” he said.

Author: Blake Ambrose