You Won’t Believe What Biden Was Caught Doing In Louisiana

President Biden is attempting to flip the media narrative from his disaster of Afghanistan by going to Louisiana to look at the Hurricane Ida damage.

But Biden’s problems still follow him. We have seen before how he has had a hard time remembering who is who. Go to :58 to hear when back in March, he mentions the leader of the nation of Afghanistan as being someone named “Kayani.” The true leader of Afghanistan was formerly Ashraf Ghani. He seems to confuse Ghani with the former leader of Pakistan’s military, General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani.

“He is the leader, in Kabul and Afghanistan,” Biden stated. Maybe that is why he had such issues in Afghanistan when he did not even know who was president and who wasn’t, even according to his title. As we said earlier, not only did Biden make this mistake, but the White House then seemed to stealthily edit this out of the transcript.

To avoid anything like this happening in Louisiana, his team gave him pre-prepared “cheat sheets” with the photos of the local leaders with whom he was scheduled to meet — listing their names and titles. Except Joe Biden got busted using the cheat sheets because he allowed them to stick out of his pocket.

This is not the first time President Biden has been caught with cheat sheets. He used used them numerous times including during his initial formal media conference in March when he had the names and faces of the journalists that he has seen many times before, and the numbers telling him when he should call them next to their names.

The problem is not about having notes — the issue is that the President can’t do his job without them and that even using them, he makes embarrassing mistakes like misidentifying the former leader of Afghanistan. More than this, as we have seen, this underlies a bigger inability to deal with crucial issues that he must deal with. That is how we get situations like the Afghanistan disaster. Remove these notes and what you would have is a confused Joe Biden just staring into space, not knowing what he should do or say.

Author: Blake Ambrose