Yet Another Top Staffer Flees Kamala’s Office for Lower-Ranked Job

How hard is it to work in Kamala Harris’s office? Very hard, it seems. Accusations floated around when she was a senator that her office was dysfunctional and abusive. Harris has been accused of mistreating and bullying her staffers, especially the ones she feels are smarter than her. Rumors have swirled that the “vice president’s” office is no better. In the last few months, two of her top aides left—for jobs that could only be considered demotions.

We shouldn’t be surprised. Just spend any length of time watching this woman and you’ll get the picture. Her approval numbers are worse than Biden. And she’s well on her way to becoming just as incoherent and off-putting as the man. Now, we are learning yet another member of her press team is fleeing for the hills. Once again, for a lower-ranked job.

Kamala Harris’ deputy press secretary is leaving the vice president’s office, another in a growing string of high-level departures.

Sabrina Singh has taken a job at the Defense Department, according to the New York Post…

Singh’s departure means just one of the four top communications positions in the veep’s office is left from the original staff on Inauguration Day.

The Post said she “is at least the ninth key official to depart the veep’s office since this past summer — joining director of digital strategies Rajun Kaur, director of advance Karly Satkowiak, deputy director of advance Gabrielle DeFranceschi, communications director Ashley Etienne, chief spokesperson Symone Sanders, director of press operations Peter Velz, deputy director of public engagement Vince Evans, and speechwriting director Kate Childs Graham.” [Source: Daily Wire]

According to reports, Singh joined Kamala’s team way back in March 2020. But even she’s had enough. She was Harris’s deputy press secretary, which meant she had to work closely with Harris to shape her public image. What a nightmare. Can anyone work hard enough to make this woman look competent? How many times did Singh have to tell Harris to stop laughing after she’s asked a question?

Singh is leaving for a job at the Department of Defense. That’s a loss for all of us. We don’t want anyone with the stench of Biden/Harris remaining in D.C., let alone someplace as critical as the DOD. But this also underscores just how terrible it must be working for Kamala. There are few jobs higher ranked in D.C. than working for the president or vice president. This woman is leaving one of those posts for essentially a demotion. Not at the end of the administration, but during its second year.

Yeah, that’s pretty pathetic. But are we surprised? Reports indicate that Harris’s office is chaos. A sane person can only stand it for so long.

All we need now is for the rest of her office to quit!

Author: Moe Blow