Worldwide Humiliation: Biden Becomes The Butt Of Everyone’s Joke Overnight

President Biden tried to steal credit for a cease-fire this week between Hamas and Israel, despite reports that Egypt had brokered the peace.

President Biden slightly commended Egypt for their “crucial role” in stopping the fighting. But he emphasized the work he claimed was done by his own team.

“Over the past 11 days, I spoke to the prime minister over six times. I have also spoken to the Palestinian Authority and President Abbas as a part of our efforts,” Biden said, “And I wish to thank the secretary of defense, secretary of state, our national security adviser, and everyone else for their incredible work to help this outcome that we are seeing now. “

“You know, we have had intensive talks, hour by hour, with many nations, with a goal of avoiding this kind of conflict that we have seen in past years when the hostilities started.”

Biden promised to aid Israel in replenishing its defense system and to help the Palestinian Authority in rebuilding Gaza.

Biden also said he would speak with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu about the cease-fire and commended him about his decision to stop the hostilities.

“The United States fully supports Israel’s self-defense against rocket attacks,” Biden said.

“I assured the Prime Minister of our full support to replenish Israel’s missile defense system to guarantee its security in the future,” Biden said.

Author: Scott Dowdy