World Leaders Enrage Democrats With Praise For Trump’s Success

It’s no secret that when you have a leader that knows what he’s doing, things can happen. Even in the midst of an unprecedented pandemic—marked by fear, confusion, and mass hysteria—Donald Trump kept his promises and held the country together.

Compare that to what Democrats were doing all through last year (and into this one). They made excuses, blamed others, and issued policies that did much more harm than good.

While everyone else was running around, saying the sky was falling, President Trump was going to work. He launched a project called “Operation Warp Speed” an effort to create a vaccine for the China virus in record time. Before 2020 was through, we had two viable vaccine candidates with remarkable success rates.

And despite poor planning by many state health departments, the vaccine was quickly rolled out. Millions of Americans have already been vaccinated. The future of the program, however, remains in limbo thanks to the new (incompetent) administration. But people around the world are commenting on Trump’s last, perhaps greatest, feat.

Emmanuel Macron, who several times publicly squabbled with former President Donald Trump over the course of Trump’s presidency, openly expressed admiration of the Trump administration’s Herculean efforts to develop, test, manufacture and distribute a coronavirus vaccine on a national and eventually global scale…

Pfizer — the manufacturer of one of two vaccines approved for use in the United States — has already distributed 65 million doses of their vaccine worldwide, and expects to be able to distribute up to two billion by the end of the year…

Vaccines from both companies have already been administered over 35,000,000 times in the U.S., according to CDC data. By contrast, the European Union — with a 35% larger population — had as of Friday reported roughly 12,750,000 doses administered, according to data compiled by the EU. [Source: Just the News]

Macron had to admit that the EU was far behind in its vaccine efforts. The organization has been accused of simply being unequipped at acquiring a vaccine and distributing it to member states. Um… then what is that organization good for? It might not be an easy task, but you’d think they would at least try to make it a priority.

I thought Europe was so much better at handling problems than the United States? (At least, that’s what Democrats say.) I guess that’s what socialized medicine gets ya.

The reason the U.S. did so well was thanks to deliberate moves made by Trump to cut through the lag. He issued orders that cut through mountains of red tape in the FDA, to speed up the approval process. His constant support and pressure made sure Operation Warp Speed would accomplish its task.

The real question we should be asking is how will it continue under Biden? He wants to provide more doses for America, but his administration can’t even get organized. They had to admit in January that they lost track of 20 million doses. Biden is trying to secure funding for more vaccines, but he is clearly unable to get Congress to cooperate.

The only thing he did was change the name of the program. Wow. What a leader.