With Trump Out Of Office, Democrats Finally Go After China

If you’ve been paying attention to the talk coming from Capitol Hill these days, you might be surprised to notice an interesting trend.

Not that long ago, you’d be hard-pressed to find any politician (especially a Democrat) who had something bad to say about China. Even as a deadly virus rocked the United States–one that came directly from a Chinese region–our liberal leaders and media were defending the communist state. They even accused the president of being racist for calling the disease the “China virus.”

But it seems the times are a-changin. After ignoring the obvious for an entire year, politicians are pushing the idea that China is responsible for creating COVID-19. Many are demanding answers from China. In addition to that, more and more lawmakers are expressing concerns over China’s global influence.

And now, the Senate just passed a bill aimed at helping America confront this Red Menace.

The Senate on Tuesday passed legislation that will cost about $250 billion in an effort to increase American semiconductor production and the development of artificial intelligence and additional technology amid increasing global competition, especially from China…

“I have watched China take advantage of us in ways legal and illegal over the years,” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said prior to the bill’s passage, according to the Washington Post. “The number one thing China was doing to take advantage of us … was investing heavily in research and science. And if we didn’t do something about it, they would become the number one economy in the world,” the New York Democrat said. [Source: Just the News]

Tell me something: what’s changed? Just a few years ago, when Donald Trump was president, Democrats appeared to support China more than America. Trump frequently called out the danger of China’s influence all over the world and pushed tariffs, trade deals, and other policies to be more competitive with them.

Back then, in the eyes of the left, China could do no wrong. Our media, entertainment industry, universities, and many lawmakers supported China. It also so happens that many of these institutions (and people) were getting significant investments from the communist nation at the same time.

So why, today, are Democrats apparently turning on China? Are they finally waking up to the danger this communist superpower poses to the world? Are they only now realizing America needs to compete with big players like China and Russia? Are they really concerned over China’s growing influence on U.S. soil?

Or, perhaps, did the money run dry? Maybe China has chosen to stop sending checks to these institutions, and Democrats from all walks of life decided it was time to strike back.

Cynical, I know, but these are Democrats we’re talking about. There’s not much they won’t do for a dollar.

We also have to wonder how adding to our nation’s debt by $250 billion is really going to help us compete with China. Instead of slashing taxes to encourage tech companies to invest and build in the U.S., the Senate wants to spend money we don’t have. The tech sector doesn’t need more cash to be competitive with China. We just need to stop pushing socialist policies that drive jobs and money overseas.

This bill might not even accomplish what lawmakers claim they intend to do.

Maybe Democrats really don’t want to confront China, after all?

Author: Sam Jones