Winter Olympics Lowest Ratings Ever–Beating Worse Ratings From 2018

It seems like Americans had no interest in watching our athletes get bullied and silenced over in communist China. Even as the foreign regime oppresses its own people, American competitors were told not to talk about it. China’s brutal COVID restrictions made these games even more pointless, as the stadiums were left empty. Worse still, rumors have surfaced revealing the deplorable conditions of the housing for athletes, who traveled all over the world to compete.

These games have been marked by controversy, failure, and misery. There is none of the usual enthusiasm and camaraderie that marks these special events. After all, why would anyone want to watch Olympic games being hosted in China—just two years after they unleashed a deadly virus onto the world.

So, big surprise, that the ratings for this year’s Winter Olympics are in the toilet.

The genocide Olympics has been a huge TV bust for NBC, with viewership down more than 52 percent over 2018, even as the games are a major disappointment for the U.S. medal count.

The devastating numbers are coming in for viewership of the international games in Beijing, China. As the first four nights of events are now in the history books, it appears that viewership has been cut in half compared to the games in Pyeongchang, South Korea, in 2018…

This will mark a new low for the Olympics, as it should be remembered that the PyeongChang games in 2018 were then decried as the “least-watched on record.” [Source: Breitbart]

This could mark the beginning of the end for the Olympics. If nobody can even go to the events—and nobody watches them—do they really matter? Can nations justify the extreme expenses involved in building stadiums and training athletes—if nobody watches these games? How many times do we have to watch the IOC cater to genocidal regimes like China before we call it quits?

There are plenty of other sports and international events for people to watch. They are better than the Olympics, more engaging, and oh—don’t subject competitors to squalor. And they aren’t hosted by a nation that is exterminating a minority religious group.

To make matters worse, the games are halfway over, and—at the time of this writing—not a single American has won a gold meddle. Um… why the hell are should we care at all? Performances at this Olympics have been dismal, probably a testament to the toll COVID lockdowns and restrictions have had on the world’s athletes.

Add to that the fact that NBC makes it harder and harder to watch these games each year. They seem to be hiding live coverage of events on a myriad of streaming apps, greedily forcing the few people who care to shell out subscriptions for all of them. Why bother, when you could be watching literally anything else?

Author: Sam Branderson