White Student Hunted Down By Blood Thirsty Anti-White Mob

Therese Purcell, a student at the University of Buffalo, said she was accosted this week by an enraged mob for hosting Allen West, a conservative speaker, on campus.

Lt. Col. Allen West spoke at the University of Buffalo on Apr. 7 for a speech on American exceptionalism, called “America is Not Racist.” During the Q&A session, approximately 200 protestors forced the event to be shut down, leading police to escort West out, according to Young America’s Foundation.

Purcell says she was then targeted by the mob, which called for someone to “capture” her, and was then forced to hide in a men’s bathroom to get away from them.

“I was really concerned for my life because they physically assaulted one of my friends, and they kept shouting, ‘No peace,’” Purcell added in an interview with “Fox & Friends.” “I don’t think they were going to do anything nice. They were a furious crowd that wanted to capture me.”

She added, “However, I was surprised by all of the commotion over hosting West since his address was about overcoming racism.”

“I had no idea it would be as contentious to declare that American values are good to have on an American campus… It’s worth preserving American values,” Purcell added.

The University of Buffalo released a statement on Friday, stating that they were conducting a “thorough review of events and actions leading up to, during, and after” West’s appearance on campus.

“I recall a time when black students were escorted onto campus,” West recalled. “I was required to be escorted off the premises.”

Increasingly white students in America, who step out of line with the liberal narrative, are being targeted for greater and greater levels of violence. This began with Trump supports being chased down in 2015 and 2016. Not it seems there is open season on white kids in America. Meanwhile, Republicans are avoiding the topic as much as they can. Because God forbid they be called “racist.”

Maybe those Republicans, for example like Lindsey Graham, are too busy pushing for more mass immigration into all white countries on the planet.

Author: Scott Dowdy