White House Shifts Its Stance — Mandated Vaccines Are Coming

Dr. Anthony Fauci, who is the chief medical adviser to President Biden, said on Sunday that municipalities should start giving covid vaccine mandates.

During his interview on CNN, Dr. Fauci agreed to the idea that vaccine mandates should start becoming a reality at the “local level.”

“I’ve been of that opinion, and I will stay of that opinion, that I do think at the local level, we should see more mandates. There really should be,” Fauci said to host Jake Tapper.

“We are talking about life-and-death circumstances. We have already lost 600,000 Americans and counting. There were over 4 million deaths globally. This is a serious thing. So, I am in favor of this,” he said.

In fact, Fauci hinted at what might come in the short-term future: vaccine mandates after the FDA gives their full and official approval to the vaccines.

Currently, the vaccines being used in the country have been given emergency authorization only.

“I believe the hesitancy at the local level of having mandates is due to the vaccines not being officially approved. But people must understand that the information currently shows a high amount of effectiveness and a high amount of safety is more than we’ve ever seen with emergency authorization. So, these vaccines are as effective as officially approved. It has not been done yet due to the FDA having to do certain things, but it is as good as done.”

“People need to understand this. But they are waiting until you get full approval. And I believe, when you do get the official approval, Jake, you will see much more mandates.”

Fauci’s comments came as the group call for vaccine-mandates grows louder.

CNN analyst Julian Zelizer also made headlines last week after saying that vaccinations and vaccine passports should be a mandatory part of Americans’ lives as COVID-related hospitalizations continue to be at low levels. Medical analyst Leana Wen also aggressively pushed for vaccine mandates.

Meanwhile, Kathleen Sebelius, the former Health and Human Services Secretary who worked within the Obama admin., told the NY Times she also backs the idea of schools and business enforcing vaccine mandates.

Author: Steven Sinclaire