White House Press Secretary Caught Cheating

Jen Psaki is truly a bad press secretary. It’s not due to her being partisan. Instead, it’s due to her always being unprepared, and not being able to answer simple questions, and her reliance on the media allowing her to “circle back.”

With that, it is a big surprise that she is as bad at her job as she is. But recently she was caught trying to cheat the system. Reportedly, Psaki has been pushing for reporters to give her their questions before press briefings.

I would guess there are more than enough liberal reporters who might go along with these requests. This is normally seen as a rule-breaker because it is direct coordination between journalists and the press secretary. Instead, the press is supposed to show up and ask questions. The press secretary should then answer those questions on the spot without time to invent a new spin. Psaki, like most Democrats, is able to break the rules without consequence.

Compare this to the shocking ambushes that Kayleigh McEnany had to deal with. And does anyone remember reporters giving Sarah Huckabee Sanders a notice on which questions they were going to ask? If a Republican press secretary had even mentioned such a plan, it would have been a big scandal, and people would instantly claim suppression of First Amendment rights.

The Biden administration is filled with slackers. These people have been in a bubble with the media for so long that the press secretary knows the media will get her back no matter what she does.