White House Orders A Blackout Of Biden’s Latest Press Conference

Joe Biden gave a long media conference this week which was supposed to shed doubt about his competence. It did not work.
He kept telling journalists he would go as long as they wished to ask him questions — a PR move that someone told him to say to look more capable. The issue was that as long as he was talking, it was not good for him.

Virtually every comment was full of problems like this one, where he seemed to have a hard time coming to a coherent thought.
He also got angry at RealClearPolitics journalist Philip Wegmann, shouting at the journalist and saying that he, Joe Biden, had not compared Republicans objecting to his ‘voting rights’ agenda to Bull Connor and George Wallace when he did do this. Although, it should be stressed that Philip Wegmann did not go away after Joe Biden yelled at him.

But maybe the most troubling statement of the media conference was the one that put Ukrainian officials on edge. Joe Biden seemed to give the green light to Russia to make some “minor incursion” into Ukraine, saying that it would not merit a huge response. What a terrible statement. Someone with no political experience would understand that would be a dumb thing to say, yet here is this guy who spent his entire life in the Senate not getting that. His work to clarify it later in the media conference made it worse. The White House attempted to clean it all up after the media conference, but they did not help.

So Thursday, the last thing the White House or Joe Biden wanted to do was respond to questions about Ukraine.

Instead, Joe Biden lied about his close connection to Chinese President Xi Jinping and that he went 17,000 miles with him.

This was debunked even by the Washington Post; Joe Biden was given low rankings for the lie, but he keeps telling this lie anyway. I am not sure it is something Biden should brag about, especially when there are concerns that the Biden family could be improperly connected to China.

But then the press began to ask about Ukraine and Russia. One journalist asked about the Ukrainian president rebuking Joe Biden directly, saying there were no “minor incursions.”

The White House was not going to have any of this. They started screaming for all the journalists to get out.

Author: Blake Ambrose