White House Issues Bizarre Statement About Gas Prices

In the ongoing propaganda coming from the Biden White House, nothing was more shocking than the spin about America’s current economic problems. With increasing costs due to booming inflation and supply chain problems, our government continues to attempt to “dem-splain” what they want Americans to believe is really happening.

We have heard arguments that inflation is actually a good thing to ideas that printing more money does not really cause inflation. Yes, they want you to think that increasing the amount of money, thus decreasing the value of money already being circulated, is not the top primary cause of inflation and certainly has had no impact on the highest inflationary rate in around 40 years. Mayor Pete is now saying one inflation fix is Joe Biden’s Infrastructure Plan, which is simply huge Government Spending, likely needing more money to be printed, without increasing production because the huge majority of planning and funding for infrastructure and roads comes from local and state sources anyway. The result of creating more money is always inflation.

Yet, as we said yesterday, just when you believe the delusional comments have ended at some point, we get this comment from a COVID-survivor (who got the virus even though she has been vaccinated) and White House Media Secretary Jen Psaki:

“Look, our opinion is that the increase in gas prices over the long term makes it a good case for doubling down our focus and investment on clean energy so we are not depended on OPEC and their willingness to give more and meet the demands of the market.”

Wait… What?

They think higher gas prices, which are directly linked to Joe Biden’s policies, are now a justification for doubling down their investment on “clean energy options” so we aren’t dependent on foreign oil, when we already were not dependent on foreign oil when they came to office?

This is a flat-out dumb understanding of how the energy market works and how prices are decided or, and a lot more likely, an admission to changing policy to push gas prices higher as a way to justify more spending on expensive energy sources.

When Biden entered the White House back in January, gas prices were very low and stable. Immediately, Biden canceled the American Keystone Oil Pipeline, ruining American oil futures. He stopped all new gas and oil leases. His policies are not just just pro-clean-energy, they were anti-fossil-fuel, which has sent a panic into the energy sector about how to proceed with their plans for more Canadian and American production of natural gas and petroleum. After this cancelation of Keystone, pipelines such as the Enbridge’s Line 5 in Michigan, which moves 540,000 barrels of oil per day, are left in limbo wondering if and when the Biden White House might come for them next. For Line 5, another enviro-wacko politician, this time, Governor Whitmer in Michigan, unilaterally stopped the use of the pipeline back in May. Enbridge respectfully informed Whitmer that she should pound sand.

Author: Scott Dowdy