White House In Complete Panic — Incoming Crisis Has Everyone In An Uproar

If Biden was asked to form a scenario where he would be 100 percent guaranteed to lose re-election bid, his supply-chain crisis would be his best bet of doing so.

Even though it’s still almost three years until Election Day, a bad Christmas is the type of event that the American people won’t forgive.

It might not be completely Biden’s fault. This is, after all, a worldwide economy, and what happens in many other countries impacts this one in many different ways.

But the steps that Biden is taking to solve the catastrophe are more for show than a true effort to fix the problem.


“With just over 10 weeks until the Christmas holiday, the White House is pushing heavily on the transportation industry and labor unions to work 24 hours per day to unload ships and moving cargo to warehouses around the nation. Biden will meet virtually this week with leaders before giving a speech about the White House’s efforts to deal with the bottlenecks.”

“The supply-chain problems risk creating new political and economic turbulence for Joe Biden in the upcoming months. Empty shelves might undermine the White House’s economic plans and weigh on confidence. And memories of a bad Christmas might linger into 2022, with supply-chain issues expected to last a lot longer than many economists and officials expected only a few months ago.”

These “experts” seem to be always “surprised” that a Dem president is actually an incompetent fool. Warnings surrounding America’s supply-chain problems were made since spring when it was obvious that the vaccines were not a magic bullet that would remove the pandemic.

Biden’s huge splash announcement that the Port of LA would stay open 24-7 is just for PR. The longshoremen are already saying that labor shortages and terrible hours. Who will unload the cargo?

Plus, it is not only unloading ships faster that is the problem. Warehouse space at the docks is in critically low supply, so there will be no place to put this cargo. And even if there was, there is a shortage of truckers to transport the merchandise to its final destination.

The supply chain is a machine that the covid pandemic and the vaccine mandate has sabotaged. As brilliant as the market is in dealing with problems through supply and demand, so many parts of the supply chain have broken thanks to the mandates. And it will likely get much worse.

Author: Steven Sinclaire