White House Hints At Plans To Get Around Democracy

This week’s White House media briefing, Jen Psaki was asked by a reporter about the Biden White House’s vaccine mandate and its seeming inability to defend against legal challenges since OSHA announced the implementation of the requirement for millions of Americans to get the vaccine against the Wuhan virus.

Psaki, though, does not — publicly at least — believe federal judges who have halted the mandate means there is any issue with President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate. “The reason we proposed these issues is that we know they do work and we are confident in our power — legally — to make these things happen across the nation,” Psaki stated. Because she knows more than federal judges who have halted Joe Biden’s mandates?

Apparently, Psaki believes that since the federal government “implemented” the mandate, most other companies in the nation should follow this example. The federal government is now rarely showing ethical, efficient, or otherwise well-managed actions to be emulated.

The question about Joe Biden’s mandates come after another judge gave an injunction this week against Biden’s mandate for federal workers. As we have reported, the Georgia judge said that, “While the Procurement Act unquestionably gives some authority to the President, the Court is not convinced, at this time, that it gives him the power to direct the kind of actions by agencies that are within” Biden’s mandate.

The Georgia court also said its worry about the mandate for federal workers and contractors because of “its application (requiring a great number of people across the nation working in a larger range of positions and many different industries to get vaccinated or have the serious risk of getting fired),” meaning “it works as the management of public health.”

And the country’s injunction of Joe Biden’s mandate for federal workers is not the only legal problem for the Biden White House’s push to force as many people as possible to get vaccinated:

Psaki’s spin about the White House’s legal ability to mandate covid vaccines for huge swaths of American workers is actually wishful thinking, but it is not surprising. The Biden White House has had little respect for America’s Constitution or its laws, choosing to go with the desires of radical Dems over what the law reports that a president can really do.

Author: Steven Sinclaire