White House Goes Into Panic Mode, Avoids Spy Scandal Questions

For the second time in a week the White House avoided questions about Special Counsel John Durham’s continuing investigation, which reaches into Biden’s administration.

This week Deputy Media Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was questioned about new revelations from a Durham document that reveal the servers belonging to President Trump and the White House were watched.

“Attorneys for the Hillary Clinton campaign paid a tech company to ‘infiltrate’ the servers belonging to the Trump Tower, and even later the White House, to create a ‘narrative’ to help government agencies to link Trump to Russia, a document from Special Counsel John Durham discovered,” as reported by Fox News.

“Durham issued a motion on February 11 focused on possible conflicts of interest connected to the representation of former Hillary Clinton campaign attorney Michael Sussmann, who was charged with making a false comment to a federal agent. Sussmann plead not guilty.”

Jean-Pierre refused to answer and said to send questions to the Dept. of Justice.

On Wednesday Media Secretary Jen Psaki was wanted questions sent to the DOJ.

Before voters went to the polls in Nov. 2016, the Hillary Clinton campaign sent out the fake allegation that the Donald Trump campaign was somehow linked to or partnering with the Russian government to win the U.S. election.

After Donald Trump won, Clinton Campaign official Jake Sullivan kept pushing the lie to delegitimize Donald Trump’s presidency.

Sullivan is now President Joe Biden’s National Security Advisor and is mentioned in a number of Durham indictments.

This comes at a time when Donald Trump is holding more and more rallies and seems to be preparing for a comeback in 2024. Also re-emerging is Hillary Clinton with new public appearances. The prospect for a re-match between Trump and Clinton seems to be too juicy to not wish for, regardless of which candidate you want to win. And if the re-match does happen, we imagine this spy story will be the biggest ammunition that Donald Trump will use to his benefit. Because spying on a sitting president adds weight to her Trump-given nickname: Crooked Hillary.

Author: Scott Dowdy