White House Doctor Isn’t Backing Down About Biden’s Decline

GOP Texas Rep. Ronny Jackson, who is also the former White House physician under Trump, demanded that President Biden undergo a mental test this Saturday, as reported by Fox News.

“The liberal media were asking that the new standard for anyone who leads our nation as our head of state and commander-and-chief,” Jackson said.

“I am just reporting that I agree with them right now — we must get this done,” former president Trump’s White House physician said.

Former presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump both took the mental exam at the start of their second year in the White House, as reported by Fox News.

Jackson, who issued the test to President Trump, said it’s not about IQ, but instead is a test for age-related issues like dementia or cognitive problems, Fox News said.

“I believe he is showing every single day that there is something happening with him,” Jackson said. He continued, “You do not have to be a doctor to look at this actions and see there is something troubling happening.”

The former presidential physician referenced numerous instances of Biden seeming to be “confused,” Fox News said.

Back in June, the White House revealed that Biden would undergo a physical exam later on this year. Jackson said his team did not say whether a mental exam will happen during the health screening, according to Fox News.

“I am asking them: when they do the physical exam, will this include a mental assessment?” he said. “As far as I’m aware the standard precedent is now set and they must follow and do the same.”

This comes as Biden was seen at an ice cream shop where he was asked a question about Russia. In response to the question, the President seemed to pull out a note to answer it.

Author: Blake Ambrose