White House Desperately Cons Americans As It Sinks Into Oblivion

This Tuesday night, after President Biden’s State of the Union speech, Joe Biden’s chief of staff, Ron Klain, bragged that according to a new CBS poll, 78% of American voters approved of Joe Biden’s speech.

In his rush to celebrate what he believed was a moment of winning, Klain neglected to reveal the true statistic: CBS said it wasn’t 78% of American voters who approved of the speech, but 78% of Americans who watched the speech.

CBS admitted reluctantly, “As we have seen with past presidents’ State of the Union speeches, those who saw tonight are more likely to be within the president’s own political party, increasing approval of the speech.” As the liberal site Vox said in 2019, “Generally, a greater selection of people who watched the State of the Union speech tend to be from the current president’s party.”

As FiveThirtyEight revealed on its website this Wednesday, Biden’s disapproval ratings were at 53.6%; they were hovering at around 53% for more than a month.

The Daily Wire said in late January:

“Biden’s Chief of Staff Ron Klain is being slammed by moderate Dems and leaders in the U.S. Congress over President Biden’s failures to move important administrative priorities forward.”

“Klain is widely thought to be an ally to the liberal wing of the party that pushes ideas like universal healthcare and defunding the police. The Biden chief of staff’s disposition toward the Dem Party’s extreme Left has angered many of the party’s moderate lawmakers, according to new reports.”

“NBC News spoke to dozens of administration members, congressional officials, and Dem allies on Klain’s reputation on Capitol Hill. According to the news outlet: “The main criticisms against Klain, come from a single idea: that Joe Biden has strayed away from his core brand as and empathetic politician and moderate willing to compromise. They view Klain as the one responsible for this. His ubiquitous presence on Twitter has proven that view correct, particularly for people who see it as being out of step with the campaign.”

The Biden White House defended Klain’s record, saying that the criticism of the chief of staff is fueled by “personal score-settling and constraints that the covid-19 has put on Biden’s ability to reach out,” as reported by NBC News.

Author: Scott Dowdy