White House Comes up With Bizarre ‘Solution’ to Supply Chain Disaster

Joe Biden is largely responsible for a supply chain crisis that is contributing to empty store shelves and rising prices. But much of the blame for not trying to address it falls on his Department of Transportation head, Pete Buttigieg.

For some reason, Biden hired a failed presidential candidate and controversial mayor to run a huge federal agency. Buttigieg had no experience managing the nation’s transportation. And when his department had to tackle a real crisis, he went on “paternity leave.” So, as the DOT struggled for months, he was MIA.

Buttigieg still appears to have not returned to work as the crisis worsens. Some fear how this situation will impact Christmas and the new year. Now, the White House is coming up with an absurd solution, without Buttigieg’s help.

The White House is reportedly weighing whether to deploy the National Guard to confront the ever growing supply chain crisis while Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has been on paternity leave…

The report noted that a “person with knowledge” of the deliberations suggested deploying the National Guard is one option the White House could implement. A second option would reportedly be to work “through states to deploy servicemembers.”

It is unknown how deploying the national guard would work given the operational logistics of the magnitude of the supply chain crisis. [Source: Breitbart]

Uh… what? The supply chain crisis is largely due to Biden’s extended welfare from his stimulus package. The solution is to get workers back into shipping ports, warehouses, and truck lines. Instead of doing that, Biden wants to waste more taxpayer dollars by forcing the National Guard to do it?

The White House claims they can get guardsmen to drive trucks, unload packages, and operate at ports. Um, is that what these service members are really for? We have a devastating border crisis where criminals are flooding the country. Yet Biden wants to deploy our troops as FedEx workers?

This is a joke, right? We have thousands, tens of thousands, of Americans out of work. They need an incentive to get off the couch and start contributing. We have ports, warehouses, and trucks left empty. Hmm… do you see the connection?

Why are state leaders and the White House simply urging people to get off their asses and get back to work? Let the National Guard (which is made up of Americans who are already working elsewhere) stay where they are and require Americans to pick up the slack.

But that kind of common-sense solution is far too foreign with this administration. They always make the most idiotic, half-baked choice when facing decisions. Every decision Biden has made has blown up in his face. The administration spends most of its time scrambling to put out the fires it created.

Meanwhile, incompetent Buttigieg (who apparently needed Domino’s Pizza to fix his city’s own roads) still is missing. He can’t even bother to do his job, as the country faces an unprecedented crisis.

Author: Andrew Smith