Whistleblower Exposes Conservative ‘Torture Chamber’ In DC

A suspect who is held on charges coming from the Capitol riot is claiming to have been “severely beaten” by guards, while another says others held over the riots are getting “threats and verbal harassment.”

Ryan Samsel is accused of “pushing through multiple barriers and knocking down an officer, causing the officer to receive a concussion,” according to CBS.

Politico says that Ronald Sandlin, another defendant, gave “a stunning account” of events involving one suspect and a guard.

During a Zoom-based court appearance this week, Sandlin said that Samsel, “was beaten by guards, is blind in one eye, and has a fracture and detached retina.”

Samsel’s lawyer claims he was “savagely and viciously” beaten.

“He has definitely got serious injuries, including a broken orbital bone, a shattered orbital floor, broken jaw and broken nose,” the lawyer said.

Sandlin also said that those held concerning the Capitol protest “are scared for their lives.”

“We plan on suing these two guards and the jail responsible for this violence because Ryan Samsel didn’t deserve this,” he said.

Another lawyer said the alleged incident is under FBI investigation.

Sandlin, meanwhile, also said there is anti-white hatred among the jail guards and the mostly white Trump supporters being held.

He told the judge that one guard said, “I hate all white people and your honky religion.”

Author: Blake Ambrose