What’s Being Prepared At The Southern Border Should Scare Everyone

Secretly, the top DHS officials under President Joe Biden are admitting that up to 6,000 people are in Tijuana, Mexico, ready to rush across the border when Biden ends Title 42 on May 23.

CBP officials informed the White House that 3,000 to 6,000 people are stranded in Tijuana — the Mexican city just over the southern border from San Diego — waiting for Joe Biden’s planned end to Title 42.

According to a Republican lawmaker who was present, “We’re planning for the worst case scenario.”

The CDC announced last month that the Biden White House would phase out Title 42 on May 23, after it extended the deadline. The power has allowed federal immigration officials to swiftly repatriate unlawful aliens to their countries of origin in recent years.

“The amount of individuals coming across is out of control,” according to one source close to Breitbart News. The source said that agents will be overwhelmed by the number of illegal immigrants anticipated on May 23 and afterward in southern California regions.

Biden officials acknowledge that they expect to receive up to 500,000 border crossers and illegal migrants — the same as Atlanta, Georgia’s permanent population — every month under Title 42.

Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) recently said to Breitbart News he expects 30,000 illegals and border crossers every day at the southern border.

The Biden team’s proposal for eliminating Title 42, which Breitbart News previously reported and published, describes “broadscale release mechanisms” that turn the border into a simple crossing for foreign nationals arriving on a daily basis.

Under the proposal, Biden seeks to reduce deportations for border crossers and illegal aliens by using methods like parole, Notices to Appear, and an Alternatives to Detention program, all of which guarantee the rapid release of foreign nationals into the United States.

Oftentimes, non-governmental organizations assist the administration in transporting and flying border crossers and illegal immigrants into American towns.

Democrats are known for their support of making America a white-minority country. What is not as well known is that liberals are doing this same thing in Europe, Australia and Canada.

Author: Blake Ambrose