What This Texas Sheriff Is Planning Has Every Democrat Enraged

Sheriff Brad Coe from Kinney County in Texas, has decided to handle President Biden’s open border problem — an issue that continues to get more and more out of control.

The southern border has witnessed an unprecedented increase in traffic, mostly because of illegals trying to walk over in record numbers.

Coe has decided if Joe Biden’s not going to get a team to deal with the crisis, the sheriff will do this himself.

During his interview with The Gateway Pundit this week, Coe announced he would deputize 10 local citizens to aid in the rescue of his county from the open border crisis. As well as build a fence around the whole county.

To fill his 10 spots, Coe is seeking “those that have some type of military or police experience.”

Coe further stressed that the failures of the feds have left local police at the border with no other choice but to take the issue into their own hands.

“As far as taking it all into our own hands, we don’t have much a choice,” Sheriff Coe said to The Gateway Pundit.

“The southern border patrol is totally overwhelmed, with thousands of people flooding in, just turning themselves in, who wish to get caught.”

In the past few months, the border crisis has continued to deteriorate.

In Aug., the practice of catch-and-release on illegals under the Biden White House was up 430,000 percent from the past year.

In Aug. of 2020, the Trump White House caught 47,000 migrants at America’s southern border and released just 10 of them into the U.S. immediately.

Conversely, in Aug. of 2021, the Biden White captured 195,000 migrants and unleashed 43,941 of them into the country.

The increase from 10 to 43,941 is surprising and does not account for the many illegals the Biden White House failed to catch because of its lacking border policies.

Biden’s open border crisis has also allowed drugs to flow into the country from Mexico.

And according to Sheriff Mark Dannels from Cochise County in Arizona, “This fiscal year we have had 180,000 pounds of meth, 10,000 pounds of fentanyl, 5,000 pounds of heroin, 86,000 pounds of cocaine, and 311,000 pounds of marijuana” enter the nation through the southern border.

With his inaction and agenda-filled presidency, Biden has made it certain that his White House wants this border catastrophe to continue without an end.

Author: Steven Sinclaire