What The White House Just Blamed Trump For Will Make You Laugh

Is this some of the misinformation being discussed by the Biden administration? Jen Psaki last week said that while the Biden administration’s Orwellian and threatening new Disinformation Governance Board isn’t exactly brand-new, it was created not by Biden or his DHS goon Alejandro Mayorkas, but rather by one Donald J. Trump. Psaki gave her lie with a clear tone of annoyance, as if to ask what are all you racist yahoos getting so riled up about? This was your guy’s idea in the first place. She provided no evidence and didn’t have to because there wasn’t any to begin with.

Psaki said this after being questioned by Fox’s Jacqui Heinrich, who spoke about both Psaki and Mayorkas having expressed complete unfamiliarity with the new commie who will be leading the Ministry of Truth, Nina Jankowicz. Heinrich said to Psaki, “How was she selected if you and the Biden Team are not familiar with her and even Mayorkas does not know her? What is the process for hiring someone for a spot like this, and who is in charge of hiring her?” 

But, while it’s evident that Jankowicz, who calls herself “an globally-recognized expert on disinformation,” is a strong supporter of government censorship and has been training for this job for her entire career.

She then proceeded with a defense of Jankowicz’s career, beginning with her arrival in the United States.

“Well, she is an expert on internet disinformation. She was formerly a Wilson Center disinformation fellow. She has testified in front of Congress, as well as the U.K and EU Parliament, advised a former Ukrainian foreign minister, which is particularly relevant to this moment. Any hiring decisions are up to the DHS, but this is a person with many qualifications. What I will say about the Board and what they are doing, this is a continuation the work that started at the DHS in 2020 under former President Trump.”

But this is a question of basic common sense. Consider if the Trump administration had actually created a group to counter “disinformation.” Do you honestly believe that, after all the hysterical rhetoric about Trump being a “fascist” out to destroy “our democracy,” we would just now be hearing that he’d established a board to police speech?

Every rooftop would have reverberated with the news. Chris Cuomo and Rachel Maddow would have spent many weeks warning us about this danger to “our democracy,” while the NY Times would have published feature after feature on how dictators always accuse dissent of being “disinformation.”

Author: Scott Dowdy