What Biden Just Did On The White House Lawn Surprises Everyone

President Biden’s mental abilities have been questioned many times during his short time in the oval office.

But this week, a video of the 78-year-old president on the White House lawn once again caused many Americans to question if his mental capacities are now under the appropriate level for a leader of the free world.

The Hill published a video on Twitter of Joe Biden walking up to his Oval Office after spending some time in his home state of Delaware. He can be viewed walking on a sidewalk leading to the door to his office.

In the video, a Secret Service agent in front of Biden points toward the right turn on the sidewalk, seemingly showing the president where to walk.

Instead of taking the good directions, Biden kept going straight and walking right onto the grass.

He then found his way to the door after taking the unusual circuitous route.

Former WH Deputy Chief of Staff Dan Scavino published the video on Twitter, saying that President Biden had “gone the wrong way” and seemed to be “totally lost.”

Many Twitter users also replied to The Hill’s original tweet to show concern about Joe Biden’s behaviour.

Indeed, it was under two weeks ago when Joe Biden had to be handed a note from an aide to tell him he had something on his chin.

The president then wiped whatever was it was onto his hand and then looked at it, and seemed to put it in his mouth.

Then there was the event last week when Joe confidently said that 350 million Americans were vaccinated, even though fewer than 350 million people live here.

Without any audio, it is difficult to know exactly why he decided to go onto the grass instead of going on the sidewalk. But given his crazy track record, it is not unthinkable to see the incident as a mental gaffes.

With a Secret Service member having to direct the president to walk on a sidewalk, the president definitely seems to be having a big cognitive decline that cannot go unnoticed by anyone paying attention.

Author: Steven Sinclaire