What Biden Did After Coughing Has Democrats In a Total Panic

Tucker Carlson has jumped after President Biden has been seen violating his own protocols by coughing into his hand before then pressing his palms into officials whom he greeted after his speech about his “Build Back Better” program.

During this stop in New Jersey where he supported the huge spending bill as well as the infrastructure bill that are both stalled in Washington, Biden hacked into his hand before shaking hands with other who were there in attendance.

The shocking hypocrisy of Biden’s handshakes led to a rebuke from Tucker Carlson who mocked the “superspreader” on his show, shredding the liberal president who, like many other Dems, have shown a cavalier attitude toward their own pandemic rules.

After pointing out that Joe Biden has spent more time away from D.C. than previous presidents, Carlson also said, “It is possible there is a real health justification for keeping Biden away from top American population centers. It is possible that Biden’s aides understand that he is too dangerous to be inside Washington. He might infect millions. Consider this tape we played only some few days before of Biden sauntering maskless through a filled restaurant in Washington.”

The reference was concerning a visit by Biden and his wife Jill to an upscale Washington D.C. restaurant where they were broke Mayor Muriel Bowser’s restrictive indoor masking mandate.

“It was repulsive during a global pandemic, it was also dangerous and reckless. Typhoid Mary was never so brazen. But it gets worse and even more stomach-churning. Watch, if you dare this video which was recorded yesterday at what Biden did during an event for finance goon Phil Murphy. Ask yourself, why has the CDC not taken this man into custody yet?” he continued as he finished up the video of Biden.

The Fox News host then spoke about Biden’s possibly infectious handshaking.

“Was this a crime caught on tape? First, Biden coughs into his own hand, filling his palm with a possibly deadly pathogen, a bioweapon created by the Chinese military to kill civilians. And then, showing no remorse at all or even hesitation,” Carlson said, “Biden walks to the unsuspecting human and intentionally gives his foul stew of microorganisms that gas been fermenting and brewing in his respiratory tract. He does all of this with his bare hands like an assassin. Clearly, Biden has done this before. It is not his first time. It was not by accident.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire