[WATCH]Fauci Can’t Explain What This Red State Just Proved

Dr. Fauci did not answer questions during his interview on MSNBC on Tuesday about how Texas could lift all covid restrictions while also seeing cases crater downward. He said the situation was “confusing” and did not admit he was wrong about his bad predictions that the state would get another surge.

“It can be confusing because you might have a delay of a few weeks before you see that effect,” Fauci said. “There are many things that go into that. It could be that they’re simply doing outdoor activities. You know it is very difficult to compare that. You just have to see over the long term.”

“I hope they continue to decline. But there is always the problem when you pull back, especially on things like indoor and crowded events, and you see a delay and then a sudden spike right back up. We’ve been fooled before by such situations,” he said.

He also shamed the Texan Police for having a stadium full of fans on Monday night.

Meanwhile, Texas lifted their covid restrictions in full almost one month ago and cases are still declining.

Author: Steven Sinclaire