Watch: Strange Video Leaks From Obama’s Birthday Party

As Dem politicians across the country urge everyday Americans to put on masks and keep their distance, former President Obama had a crowded and raucous party for Hollywood celebs and globalist elites at his Martha’s Vineyard home in Massachusetts this Saturday night.

The former President was seen dancing without using a mask.

Rapper Trey Beckham also shared photos on his personal Instagram showing Obama and his entourage of B-list actors and entertainers having fun without socially distancing or wearing masks.

Beckham was quoted inside the Daily Mail admitting that the guests who were there were required to remove social media posts of the party to hide the extent of the party.

“Had to remove everything because of the rules,” Beckham said. “It was epic. If any videos come it it is going viral. He danced the entire time. No one ever saw Obama like this before.”

President Obama supposedly was ‘scaled back’ the huge party, coming under criticism for his party’s stark hypocrisy on public gatherings during the covid-19 epidemic. Dem mayors and governors kept on forcibly canceling public events, while Obama and celebrity friends disregarded these rules.

Former Secretary of State John Kerry came to the event using a private jet, in yet another complete display of hypocrisy from the global warming crusader.

Corporate media figures like Stephen Spielberg, Tom Hanks, and George Clooney were there at the party at Obama’s $12 million mansion, with police saying it was a “s*** show” of traffic as celebs filed out of the event to go back to pricey hotels around midnight.

The event had as many as 700 guests, with hundreds supposedly uninvited after independent media justifiably hit back against party. However, those remove from the party were re-invited, with Obama seeming to realize that he was not going to escape criticism for his obvious double standard.

With top Democrats and media officials determined to enjoy themselves as they impose lockdowns on the American public, it is time for Americans to do the same and live their lives as they want to without giving in to the lockdown mandates.

Author: Steven Sinclaire