[WATCH] Stacey Abrams Brags About Election-Stealing Tactics

Source: Pool video image via AP

Georgia’s election day was Tuesday and the GOP Senate majority is on a razor’s edge.

During an interview with MSNBC, Stacey Abrams seemed to brag about the lack of exact match signatures on ballots.

“We were able to protect absentee guidelines that treated every voter the same. We were able to stop the exact match system that was keeping so many folks from voting,” Abrams said.

This is while Abrams’ sister, Judge Leslie Abrams Gardner, is flatly refusing to recuse herself from any election court cases in Georgia. She has condoned and accepted thousands of potentially ineligible voters to vote in the Senate runoff elections which happened Tuesday.

Over 4,000 voters faced eligibility challenges based on USPS change-of-address records. The new ruling from Gardner, issued just before 12AM on Wednesday, replaces a previous restraining order that stopped Muscogee County from forcing those people to cast provisional ballots. 

The newest ruling declares that the county may now require provisional ballots, but that no challenges to voter eligibility be allowed based on data from the NCOA (National Change of Address Registry). 

“The challenge to these voter’s eligibility will not be tolerated without direct evidence of their ineligibility,” ordered Gardner, who is based in Albany, Ga. “Such evidence will not include the voter’s name being on the NCOA registry.”