Watch: Republicans Livestream Undeniable Proof Of Biden’s Terror Tactics

These four GOP congressmembers have been warning conservatives about the reported mistreatment and torture which has happened behind bars to the Jan. 6 protesters, the large majority of whom did not commit violence and protested peacefully on that day.

They were kept out of the facility when they tried to enter:

Eventually, they were able to go inside the lobby but came up against hostile treatment from the jail staffers and were not able to tour the building:

After getting locked out of jail, Gohmert and Gaetz appeared with Congressman Bob Good (R-VA) for a presser to talk about the injustices being forced upon conservatives as well as the resulting cover-up.

“Every day in this country, people are locked up in prison. It’s not every day that Americans are locked out of prison, which is what occurred to numerous members of Congress just now,” Gaetz said.

“We have two top responsibilities: to divide funds and to perform oversight. How does the Biden White House expect us to have a representative republic when they keep us from access to information that would help our oversight and appropriations?” he said.

Congressman Gaetz is demanding he get answers about what the feds have hidden for months concerning the January 6 defendants being denied their rights. He is also concerned about a potential FBI role in setting up the whole event. He is demanding lawmakers get access to all surveillance footage showing what occurred on that day.

“To get the answers we need, we did what lawmakers normally do. We showed up to the facility and asked for a tour. This happens for all administrations. It was done by Democrats under GOP presidents, and now there is a stonewall to deny us information that connects to criminal cases and related to the treatment of Americans who are held,” Gaetz said.

So far, there has been no response by the Biden Administration on this topic and it has been widely ignored even by the conservative news industry.

Author: Blake Ambrose