Watch: Joe Biden’s Brain Almost Ruins His Marriage

Jill Biden has corrected her husband Joe Biden this week after he mistakenly said that Vice President Kamala Harris was the first lady.

The president had an embarrassing moment when he confused the two women close to him during a speech at the White House Women’s History Month event.

“There has been a little change in the arrangement of the people on the stage because the first lady’s husband getting COVID,” Joe Biden said.

Biden was talking about Vice President Kamala Harris, and her husband, Doug Emhoff, who was known as the “second gentleman,” and was tested positive for the covid-19 virus earlier that day. Harris left the event after finding out about her husband testing positive for the virus.

(The first lady’s husband is really Biden himself.)

After Biden’s mental blunder, first lady Jill Biden broke into his speech to laugh off his mistake.

“Pardon?” Joe Biden replied.

“You said the first — nevermind,” his wife started before then giving up as the audience began laughing.

“That is right. She is fine. It is me that is not together,” Joe Biden continued as the audience laughed.

“The Second La- — the First Gentleman,” he stated finally as the audience laughed again. “How about that?”

Biden reminded people about the number of women he had in his administration.

“One person I am especially proud of is — would have been introducing me — is Kamala Harris,” he stated, noting that her husband had covid-19.

“He is fine, but out of caution, she decided she was not going to join us for this event,” Biden said. “But let’s all send her our love because she is something else.”

Biden is well known as having mental flubs and other embarrassing moments. Some of his worst involve groping and sniffing women and children. Something that Republicans seem to ignore.

With all of his mental slip-ups counted up, it is safe to say that Joe Biden is at the very least dealing with some age-related mental decline, and at most, the start of alzheimer’s disease. Washington must come together to confront the Biden team and remove Old Joe before it’s too late!

Author: Steven Sinclaire