Watch Joe Biden Have a Total Meltdown On Live TV

Speaking to a Missouri event, on Wednesday, President Biden spoke about the small drop in gas prices.

“Two weeks ago, I unveiled the largest release of the United States strategic petroleum reserve to boost the supply of oil to help lower prices,” he said. “Now today, the normal price you are paying here in Kansas City is under $2 a gallon” — blinks — “$3 a gallon, it is down to $2.90 per gallon, 20 percent lower from cents for — from one month ago.”

“Nationally, prices are lower seven cents a gallon and are continuing to fall. We are making progress. We are going to keep at it to ensure the American people are paying their fair share for gas.”

It has become painful to sit there and watch the president speak. Brain meltdowns like this have become so normal with Biden that they are expected. Although his handlers try to minimize his speeches to the greatest extent they can, these occasions cannot be completely eliminated.

On the left, nobody says one word about Joe Biden’s obvious mental decline. But it’s real.

Recently, I saw a video of then-VP Biden on a 2015 state visit to Ukraine.

He had total command of his mental faculties, his talking was clear, and he was leading. He was not looking for a teleprompter. He spoke well before groups of people and did not seem to be dodging reporters.

From the second Joe Biden started his presidential campaign in April of 2019, it was apparent he changed in the time that he was out of the spotlight.

His ability to speak went down noticeably. He lost his train of thought and stumbled and slurred. It wasn’t his age. Many 90-year-olds are as sharp as ever.

The conservative news media noticed the change easily. The legacy media, of course, ignored questions about Joe Biden’s cognitive powers. Nobody was willing to accept that Joe Biden’s verbal struggles were proof of his lowering mental health.

Now, almost three years have passed since his return to the American stage and his decline is undeniable.

Author: Blake Ambrose