Watch: Biden Has His Most Embarrassing Meltdown Yet

President Biden’s incoherent talking has become a daily happening at this point. Even still, footage from his speech which was given in Illinois this week was shocking even by his normal standards.

In a video published to Twitter, a Fox News reported explained that the network would do a live listen-in on Joe Biden’s speech. When this happened, Biden was rambling about “the Ohio Pennsylvania” and “the Illinois president.”

You cannot make this stuff up.

After around 30 seconds of what is only described as strange rambling, the Fox News host moved away from the disaster and promised viewers the network would keep “monitoring” the speech.

Since Joe Biden entered the White House, some liberals have criticized conservatives for making fun of his stutter or cherry-picking parts of his speeches to make him seem senile.

In this incident, however, Fox News was not even talking about a previous blunder from Joe Biden. The network was just cutting to his speech for a listen, and Joe was spewing out indiscernible words in real-time.

At another time in his speech, the president was attempting to describe a conversation he had the previous night before, but he struggled to get the right words for this.

“You know, if I can digress for only one second, last night I was on the television, ugh on television, I was on the telephone …” Joe then stumbled before going on with his anecdote.

In these videos, Biden looked to be even more confused than he normally is. His exasperated talking, quiet mumbling and non-coherent phrases show a man who is really unwell.

The importance of this fact can hardly get overstated. Americans deserve to see videos like these of our president not for a laugh, but to understand the horrible state of both Joe Biden and the nation at large.

Gaffes such as these have been happening every time he takes to a podium. This week, one clip from Joe’s speech promoting his infrastructure bill in Michigan revealed him in a very concerning light.

At one time, the president even tried to compare electric car charging stations to 1920s underground gasoline, but he could not do so without embarrassing himself like this:

Author: Scott Dowdy