Washington Paves The Way For Unlimited Censorship

A House committee had a meeting regarding possible disinformation in the media. The House Subcommittee on Communications Technology announced that Wednesday’s meeting had examined “extremism and disinformation in the media.”

The hearing was called out as a Democratic tactic after a memo detailing its plans references articles which directly accuse Newsmax, OAN and Fox News of spreading lies.

This is after the members of the meeting sent a letter to several companies asking if they will continue to have conservative networks. Radical leftists are trying to censor networks like One America News as well as other conservative outlets from America’s airways.

During the hearing, Republican Congresswoman Cathy McMorris (R-Wash.) slammed the left’s attempt to censor conservatives. She stressed that officials “using their power to pressure companies to censor those they disagree with is a play from the Communist playbook, and not elected officials of the U.S. Congress.”