Washington Intervenes To Stop Elon Musk From Promoting Freedom

After Elon Musk acquired Twitter and pledged to safeguard free speech on the social networking platform, Senator Ed Markey (a Democrat from Massachusetts) has called for new rules that “promote algorithmic fairness.”

“Elon Musk and a few billionaires now have uncontested power over the world’s most powerful website. They must not and cannot be trusted, and their self-regulation has failed,” Markey tweeted.

“We must establish rules to safeguard people’s privacy and advance algorithmic justice online, especially for children,” he continued.

The term “algorithmic justice” here refers to “preconceptions in creators that discriminate against women and minorities” that may be incorporated into digital platforms. Some politicians have already proposed legislation requiring internet firms to be held accountable for disparities caused by algorithmic bias.

Critics of the senator made fun of his use of the phrase.

Justin Amash, the former congressman, quipped, “Laws to ‘push algorithmic justice’ for the kids.’ It’s like a parody, but it’s from a real senator.”

“Washington presently has a dangerous amount of power over the most important online platforms. And we should be very concerned when they make promises to pass legislation, especially for algorithmic justice,” responded Kimberley Strassel.

Another detractor wrote, “Democrats take any subject and add a few buzzwords to manufacture the impression that they have launched a new civil rights movement.”

“What exactly is algorithmic justice? This meaningless phrase is comparable to tree equity. When was the last time you heard such outrage when the other side got shut down by algorithms?” asked another popular comment.

Others used the occasion to mock Markey.

“Algorithmic Justice, watch it this Tuesday on CBS,” quipped Josh Barro.

“Algorithmic justice’ is a crucial lesson to all you matchstick men and activists that officials will say anything ridiculous you come up with. It can’t be too far off. Just have fun with it. Really get into the topic,” reads another popular comment.

If Democrats do find a way to legally take control over Twitter’s algorithms, you better believe conservatives will be censored. And we will say at that point freedom in America will be almost completely gone and big moves will need to be made to save it.

Author: Steven Sinclaire