Wall Street Makes A Desperate Move To Stop Trump, Quickly Regret It

In Pennsylvania, several top Wall Street leaders have donated significant cash to the Senate election campaign of David McCormick, a former Bridgewater Associates CEO who is going for the GOP’s nomination.

Bridgewater has employed David McCormick since 2009, and his wife Dina worked at Goldman Sachs from 2012 until 2022. Both David and Dina McCormick worked in the Bush White House, and Dina was also in the Trump White House. Trump is supporting Dr. Mehmet Oz, a former heart surgeon and reality show host, in challenging David McCormick due to his perceived electability.

According to CNBC’s analysis, more than 60 Goldman Sachs officials have given money to McCormick’s Senate campaign, including their CEO, David Solomon, who held a fundraiser for McCormick in Feb. Solomon gave the maximum allowable contribution of $5,8000 to the campaign. John Rogers, chief of staff and sec. to the Board of Directors at Goldman Sachs, has donated $50,000 to a pro-McCormick Super PAC.

Ken Griffin, the CEO of Citadel Investment Group, made a $7.5 million donation to Honor Pennsylvania on top of giving the maximum amount possible for the McCormick campaign. Griffin, a major Republican donor, has given huge sums of cash to Florida Gov. DeSantis and his own hedge fund gave $810,000 in speaking fees to Janet Yellen.

“I encouraged David to run for the Senate after I heard he was thinking about it, because our nation will be in excellent hands if outstanding and dedicated people like him are elected,” Griffin declared when asked by CNBC about his backing of McCormick.

Other large contributors to Honor Pennsylvania include the former CEO of Actua Corporation, Walter “Buck” Buckley, who has given $1.25 million, and Elliott Management CEO Paul Singer donated $1 million. Stephen Schwarzman of Blackstone donated $500,000 to Honor Pennsylvania.

Some Wall Street executives have given money to the American Leadership Action super PAC, which supports Oz. While not as many as McCormick, American Leadership Action has got several donations from corporate executives. John Mack, the former CEO of Morgan Stanley, gave $600,000 to American Leadership Action and the founder of Trian Partners, Nelson Peltz, contributed $80,000.

According to Reginald Brown, a lawyer with Kirkland & Ellis who donated the maximum to McCormick’s campaign, his Wall Street supporters think he will be more predictable and helpful than Oz.

Author: Blake Ambrose