Voters Slam Biden–Accuse Him of Ignoring Issues They Care About

We’re well into January and Joe Biden is doing just as badly as he was last year. Biden ended 2021 on a very sour note. His approval numbers were terrible as Americans continued to suffer thanks to his failed policies. As this year opened, Biden stumbled out of the gate immediately. His major spending agenda was put on ice. He failed to convince the Senate to go along with his radical elections bills. And the Supreme Court handed him a significant defeat.

The most shocking part of his administration, though, is its unwillingness to change. You don’t have to look far to see what Americans really care about. And how they are fed up with Biden’s crooked agenda. Yet Biden keeps ignoring Americans, even as his approval sinks to 33% (according to one recent poll). I wonder if he is going to bother to pay attention to this news, as Americans blast him with some damning reports.

A new poll Sunday brought more bad news for President Joe Biden after what critics are calling the worst week of his presidency…

58% of voters said that the Biden administration was not focusing enough on the economy as a whole, while 65% said they were not focused enough on the issue of inflation…

A plurality of voters, 39%, said that the Biden administration and the Democratic Party are focusing on issues they “don’t care about,” while another 28% of respondents said the Democrats’ priorities were things they cared “a little about.” Just 33% of voters said that they “care a lot about” the Democrats’ priority issues. [Source: Daily Wire]

Any idiot can tell you the top concern for voters is the economy. Americans won’t be interested in supporting a president’s agenda, if he can’t even ensure they have jobs, can afford basic necessities, or prevent financial disasters (like inflation). Yet Biden appears to be blatantly ignoring these things, to push environmental issues, drastic changes to our elections, and social spending programs.

What’s particularly telling about these numbers is that most voters say Biden and Democrats are spending too much time focusing on issues they don’t care about. This is pretty key, a sort of a glimpse into the upcoming midterms. Democrats have spent a tremendous amount of time on their bogus January 6 commission. They are trying to build a case against Republicans, saying they were behind the “insurrection.” But that appears to be a dud as well, according to these responses.

Biden’s stuck many of his political eggs in the “COVID” basket. Whenever issues arise, he drags out this virus, as if all his failures were really the fault of the pandemic. Yet these numbers suggest Americans care much more about the economy than COVID. And they are not buying Biden’s excuse that everything wrong he’s done should be blamed on it. In fact, they are not even impressed with his response—which should have been much better, given how often he talks about the issue.

Under normal circumstances, we would expect a presidency to respond to these reports and make changes to their agenda. But we know better to expect that from Biden—a mindless puppet for the far-left. Things will only get worse for him and the government, until November.

Author: Marky Max