Virginia Dem Turns on the Left–Calls for End of Forced Masking

Many red states have been over with this whole “COVID” thing for nearly a year now. They have dropped all mandates and restrictions and just gotten back to life. Not so with many blue states. They’ve continued to beat the panic drum, for reasons we cannot comprehend. It seems the only reason they keep pushing these restrictions is out of a sick joy of controlling people’s lives.

And let’s not forget how much Democrats love power trips.

But the tide seems to be turning. Ever since omicron hit our shores, COVID has come off as a weaker and weaker foe. And now reports are coming out, echoing what regular folks have been saying for months. What was once “misinformation” is now fact. Vaccinated Americans can still get sick and spread the virus. Masks do nothing to stop the spread.

Now, one Virginia Democrat is bucking his party to call for an end to this madness.

A Virginia Democrat state senator had his “Joe Manchin moment” when, in a fiery letter to the Fairfax County Public Schools superintendent, he responded to the district’s doubling down on what he called “Forced Masking of Children” by vowing to pass a law prohibiting it “in the coming days.”

“It has become hard, if not impossible, to find a respected medical researcher who still defends Forced Masking of Children as a public safety measure,” Sen. Chap Petersen wrote Monday. Petersen, a moderate Democrat from Fairfax City, serves in a state senate where Democrats have such a thin majority that, when he votes with Republicans, Republicans can pass legislation. [Source: Daily Wire]

Noticed how he said “respected” medical researchers. That discludes Anthony Fauci, who gave up his medical credibility to become a mouthpiece for the hysterical left. More and more data is coming out that proves the extreme measures pushed by our government during the pandemic did far more harm than good.

That, of course, included the lockdowns, which one major study proved did nothing to stop infections and deaths. But they did have catastrophic consequences to our economies, communities, and the mental health of millions. That’s what many of us had been saying all along.

Now, a Democrat is calling for an end to force masking, especially of children who go to public school. He even went as far as to say wearing a mask—when there is little evidence to prove it works—has now become a political decision. Petersen even claimed that people who wear masks are telling the country, “I voted for Biden” or some other sign they are on the left.

That’s the only reason you’d wear a mask, these days. He even went as far as to say that forcing people to wear a mask is like forcing them to support a political party—which violates the First Amendment.

Pretty powerful argument, if you ask me. He even vowed to vote for a law that prohibits forced masking. His vote, along with Republicans, would make that a reality.

The tide has certainly been turning in recent weeks. It might not be long before Biden’s administration rolls back of its policies, just to salvage its reputation.

Author: Jo Sammith