Violent Extremists Find Rand Paul’s Home — Leave a Terrifying ‘Gift’

The FBI is now investigating a disturbing envelope, which was filled with white powder and had a threatening image, that was sent to Rand Paul’s home this Monday.

The envelope had a photo of a braced and bandaged Paul with a rifle pointed to his head and a threat.

A copy was obtained by conservative reporters.

In 2017, Senator Paul was attacked by his neighbor, Rene Boucher, while outside doing yard work. Boucher severely hurt the senator, breaking five ribs and was later found guilty of assaulting a Congressmember.

“I take these threats very seriously,” Paul wrote on Monday. “I was targeted numerous times now, it is disgusting that Twitter allows people to urge violence against my family and myself. This must end. This weekend Richard Marx urged violence against me and now we get this terrible powder filled letter.”

Marx, an American musician, tweeted this weekend: “If I ever see Paul’s neighbor I will buy him as many drinks as he wants and hug him.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire