[Video] Pelosi Triggers Conspiracy Theorists With Bizarre Comment

Among the strangest reactions to the Chauvin verdict, House speaker Nancy Pelosi thanked George Floyd for “sacrificing himself for justice.”

“George Floyd, thank you for sacrificing yourself for justice., Pelosi remarked. “For calling out to your mother ‘I can’t breathe.’ Because of you and the millions who worked for justice, your name is now synonymous with justice.”

You have to hear it to believe it. Watch:

Some of the responses to the tweeted video:

Pelosi’s weird reaction to the Chauvin verdict is not the only one among Democrats.

And in case you were unaware, a jury found Chauvin guilty on all counts in the death of George Floyd. The deliberation was fast, and they ruled him guilty on second- and third-degree murder.

Chauvin now is waiting sentencing, which will happen in around eight weeks. He is in custody without bail.

Author: Blake Ambrose