Vaccine Side Effects Are Sky-Rocketing And Nobody Is Reporting On It


According to preliminary data from 2022, there has been a tremendous increase in myocarditis cases, especially among the young, on top of last year’s already rapidly increasing rates.


Between January 1 and February 25, the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) has received 11,289 reports of myocarditis. That’s already almost half of the overal number of myocarditis cases that were reported in 2021, which was 24,177.

“The news is the latest apparent confirmation of the serious doubts many Americans have about the COVID vaccines’ safety, which stem in large part from their rushed creation.” Life Site News wrote. “Advocates for Operation Warp Speed, the Trump administration’s initiative to develop and release vaccines more quickly than previous records, developed and released them in a tenth of the time it takes to create vaccines normally does, but they have done nothing to address growing concerns among hesitant parents.”

According to VAERS data, there have been 25,641 deaths caused by vaccines in the last numbers available. The CDC has predicted that VAERS undercounts injuries by a factor of 6X, while independent researchers have concluded that the range of fatalities may be as high as 41X, implying a possible range of 153,846 to 1,051,281 deaths.

This news comes as fear mongers are warning of new horrors, with the aim of achieving even greater submission to jabs and boosters. The purging of the truth continues, while more people speak out about the risks of vaccinations. Edward Dowd, a former Blackrock executive, stated that the COVID-19 shots were “the biggest fraud in history.”

Speaking of the high numbers of deaths being reported, Dowd remarked, “The only signal that makes sense to me is the vaccines. To date, the conventional media has shown no interest in what we have to say.” According to CDC statistics, at least 61,000 Americans aged 25 to 44 were killed by the vaccine.

“When mandates and boosters hit, you see that the number of excess deaths accelerated by 84 percent in the fall and winter of 2021. And this age group is crucial because it’s healthy. You can’t say they’re skipping their cancer screenings because they’re too young or old to have them. This is ages 25 to 44, so this is just devastating evidence that covid vaccines are leading this age group to die at an increasing rate.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire