Vaccine Police May Soon Be Knocking At Your Door

WH Press Secretary Jen Psaki triggered a lot of conservatives during her Tuesday press conference when she announced the Biden team’s latest plan to get more Americans to take the coronavirus vaccine.

Psaki went over the things the administration was going to focus on. She then said that one program they were going to do to get more vaccinations was going “door to door” to do outreach to “get the remaining Americans vaccinated.”

Psaki said that government officials would be doing “community door-to-door outreach to get the unvaccinated Americans vaccinated by helping to ensure they get the knowledge they need about how safe the vaccines are.” She also discussed how they were going to get the vaccines to more family doctors.

This immediately caused concern among people on many different levels. Will they really send government operatives to your door to harass you into accepting the vaccine? “I’m from Washington, and I’m here to help.” That is not going to go over too well. This looks like the vaccine police.

Do they have a list of people who are vaccinated, or are they working based on a general survey of the neighborhood? Will they be asking about your family’s vaccination status, which is not their business and only yours?

I know someone who recently visited a new doctor in Texas and who knew nothing about him other than what he had put on the initial forms, which did not include vaccination status. He was not using a mask, but when the doctor got in the room she said, “It’s fine that you are not wearing a mask because I know you have been fully vaccinated.” Obviously, to get this information, there must be some kind of list, just to track what you have gotten. But who else has this? Of course doctors.

But at this point, anyone who wishes to could probably get it too. This is a method that is only going to make more people angry and have diminishing results, ticking people off as all Stasi-like tactics should. But Democrats apparently don’t have an issue acting this way.

Author: Blake Ambrose