Vaccine Passports Just Got A Terrifying New ‘Upgrade’

We have all heard about the vaccine passport agenda that Biden officials endorse and will let Big Tech develop, right? You won’t be permitted to return to normal life…unless you give your papers. Sounds like communism to me. The liberties part of this is just one layer. The security of the technology from hackers should also be a concern.

But vaccine passports are not the only creepy tracking system being made. Here’s one that businesses can use, which has a Chinese twist.

President Biden’s coronavirus team seems to have thought about an electronic test-and-trace program created at the University of Illinois that would allow businesses to deny service to people based on their health data.

This program has creepy similarities to China’s surveillance system, which uses information from citizens’ phones to enact quarantines.

The system uses an app that records testing results and Bluetooth information to decide who has been exposed to the virus—and “connects building access” to that data. If this system were in place, and you did not have the right “health status,” you would not be given access to whatever business or building you want to enter.

After China gave Biden millions of dollars, are we surprised by these types of developments? Okay, maybe that could be a stretch, but the bigger concern here is how a virus with a 90%+ survival rate is being used to remove our freedoms. With Biden being in the White House, some form of tracking system will be developed. Keep paying attention.

Author: Scott Dowdy