Vaccine-Obsessed Democrats Humiliated On The Global Stage

An unpublished Nordic study has led to Denmark and Sweden on Wednesday to say they are stopping the use of the Moderna vaccine in younger people.

The study, which has not been reviewed as of yet by the European Medicines Agency, raised issues over the risk of pericarditis and myocarditis in this younger demographic.

While the risk is not large, “the relation is very clear as it relates to the Moderna vaccine Spikevax, especially after dose number two,” the Swedish health agency said in a comment, Reuters reports.

According to this agency, the risk was also more common among young men and boys.

Denmark issued the same “precautionary” order, though the Pfizer vaccine was already the top option for people aged 12-17 in the nation.

“In the preliminary information … there is a suspicion of greater risk of getting heart inflammation, when someone is vaccinated with Moderna,” the Health Authority of Denmark said in a comment.

Both nations are now recommending the Pfizer jab for young people, which the EMA approved back in May. Moderna’s Spikevax was given the green light back in July.

“Back in June, the U.S. FDA stated it was adding a warning to both Moderna and Pfizer vaccines after a CDC panel stated that data suggested a “likely connection” between the vaccines and some cases of myocarditis in teens and young adults. Despite this warning, doctors and scientists say they still do support Americans 12 or older getting vaccinated, noting that heart issues are uncommon and in most cases mild.”

“Two separate vaccine research studies have concluded, however, that COVID-19 also poses a greater risk of symptoms, including heart inflammation, than do the vaccines.”

In the United States, only the Pfizer vaccine is currently authorized to be used on minors.

This comes at a time when Biden has issued orders for American companies with more than 100 employees to force their employees to either get tested weekly, or submit to the vaccine in order to remain employed. This has resulted in a historic labor shortage in American that Democrats are reframing as evidence the country needs more immigration.

Author: Scott Dowdy