US Marshals Now Investigating Biden For Ruthless Crimes

The feds locked up many hundreds of people who were in anyway connected to the Jan. 6 protest. That’s all it was, by the way. It was a protest that went too far. It was not a violent riot. It was not an armed insurrection. It was not worse than the Civil War. It sure as hell was not worse than 9/11.

It was only a lot of people walking into the Capitol Building. That is why Democrats don’t want anyone to see all the security footage. It’s boring and bland as hell—far from the “end of democracy” narrative they have been creating for months.

Yet, because hundreds are now locked up as political prisoners, a federal judge seemed worried about possible deliberate mistreatment. One Jan. 6th defendant had a broken wrist which needed surgery but wasn’t treated. Why? Well, officials wouldn’t say and now they are being held in contempt.

Judge Royce C. Lamberth demanded an investigation into the prisoner conditions and the US Marshal Service has acted on the request:

“One week ago, a federal judge asked questions about the possible treatment of January 6 inmates after revelations of one defendant having a broken hand that was not properly cared for.”

“The judge also formally found the warden of the jail and the leader of the D.C. Dept. of Corrections in contempt for not replying to court questions about the January 6 inmate treatment.”

“The judge says he is referring the issue to the United States attorney general for a potential civil rights investigation.”

D.C. Deputy Mayor on Public Safety Chris Geldart said Monday that the inspectors are now talking with January 6 defendants and said all court orders were being followed.

“We have been partnering with the marshals office,” he stated. “As a matter of fact, they are in there today doing a jail inspection and speaking to the January 6 folks that are there to ensure we are continuing to do that.”

Most of the people in jail for January 6th should be set free. The sentencing for some have been questioned, with some prosecutors asking for decades jail sentences for people who essentially just walked around the building. It is clear political punishment.

You don’t require a law degree to see this—even Obama judges see through it. For people who fought with the cops, that is a different story—but most of these people didn’t do anything that warrants jail time. This is simply a political witch hunt.

Author: Steven Sinclaire