Upcoming Stimulus Checks Just Hit An All-Time High

Top Democrats are issuing a plan to give families $3,000 per child (ages 6-17) and $3,600 per child under the age of 6, given out in $250 or $300 monthly payments starting this July.

The plan, which is said to address child poverty, is a part of President Biden’s $1.9 trillion stimulus package in bill obtained by journalists.

Like previous stimulus payments, the benefits would decrease for people making over $75,000 and couples with over $150,000 annual income.

House Ways and Means Chairman Richard Neal, D-Mass., is spearheading the effort and comes after Senator Mitt Romney, R-Utah, who met with President Biden to discuss the $1.9 trillion plan, created his own plan to send more per child.

“Coronavirus is forcing families deeper into poverty,” Representative Neal wrote in a message. “This money could mean the difference between having a home or being homeless.

“This is the way the tax code is supposed to work.”

Some conservatives might object to the plan as a form of socialism, especially if families who are not struggling are getting benefits they might not need.

The plan is designed to be used one-time, but Democrats also hinted at making it permanent later on.

“The biggest change we can make for economic justice in our country lies inside this program that would lower child poverty,” Senator Cory Booker, D-N.J., told reporters.

The payments would start July 1, giving the Biden White House time to initiate the program, which will be based upon the prior year’s income.

The Romney plan would release payment to families through the Social Security Program, but families making more money last year would be required to pay it back at tax time.

The phased approach of President Biden’s plan places the responsibility of payment on the IRS, which will have to determine which households get the benefits as shown by their past year’s tax return.