Unvaccinated People “Pay The Ultimate Price” Under Biden

President Biden has said that for the first time since the pandemic took over the country, cases of COVID-19 “are down across all 50 states.”

But to encourage those who are unvaccinated to get their shots, the president warned “people who are not vaccinated will pay the price.”

President Biden also said that the U.S. will share millions of doses with other nations.

Biden stressed that “deaths are lower by 81%,” which he said was “their lowest since April of last year.”

But he also cautioned that “if unvaccinated people get vaccinated, they’ll protect themselves and other unvaccinated people.”

And the president strangely warned that “if they don’t, states with lower vaccination rates might see their progress reversed. Ultimately, those who are unvaccinated will end up paying a price.”

The president said that “we are not done fighting covid. We still have millions of people to vaccinate. But we are making amazing progress. In fact, when the numbers come out, they will show 60% have gotten one shot or more.”

Biden also restated his target date of having 70% of people with at least one coronavirus vaccine shot by July 4.

Author: Steven Sinclaire