Undercover Video Proves Liberal Media’s Manipulation

Project Veritas has published another recording of a CNN employee who admitted that his company pushed out “propaganda” to help Biden win the 2020 election and is focusing on Congressman Matt Gaetz due to him being “a problem for the Democrats.” The latest recording also shows Charlie Chester, a CNN technical director, explaining how the network “manipulates” its guests.

Chester explained the only way—”mostly”—that guests are brought onto CNN is if they can be easily baited into making certain comments.

“Any reporter on CNN, what they are really doing is telling the guest what to say. It’s always leading them before they even begin., he said. “And the only guests we have on, mostly, are those with a record of taking our bait.”

He then explained how the guests are manipulated: “There is an art to manipulation…Voice inflection, saying stuff twice — there are small subtleties to how you can manipulate a guest…I mean, it’s enough to change everything, even the world.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire