Unbelievable: Democrats Hand Over American Territory To China

There is a bipartisan drive in the House to keep China from buying up more American farmland after business interests connected to the Communist government in China have already gotten around 200,000 acres, but a GOP-led bill is being held up by changes which are being pushed by some Democrats.

Legislative attempts to stop China from owning more American real estate is being supported and spearheaded by Republican Congressman Dan Newhouse (Wash.), who said that most Democrats have taken out references to China by using an amendment to agricultural spending measure that originally stopped the CCP from purchasing farmland in the country.

“Over the past decade, we have seen a large increase in the acquisition of these types of assets — farming especially — by China,” he said to Just The News. “And that is a direction that we should do everything we can to prevent.”

As the Chinese buy American farmland and then become further embedded in the United States economy, Newhouse fears that American citizens will eventually “be dependent on China for our agricultural needs.”

“We do not want that to happen. We want it to stop now,” the Washington Republican said.

He went on to state that recently the House adopted his amendment through a unanimous vote. He said it was a rare vote because it was offered by a member of the minority party, and the vote to enact the amendment was unanimous.

“I believe that tells us there is a huge concern across the board over the direction people see China moving,” said Newhouse, adding that the lawmakers on both sides of the spectrum don’t want to allow China to take over American critical assets like China has tried to do in several other countries.

But Democrats have put in a wrinkle to his bill that has made it now more problematic to some lawmakers of Congress and thus slowed its passage.

Some lawmakers want to stop other countries from buying American land and properties including North Korea, Russia, and Iran. That said, Newhouse says that North Korea does not have the money to buy land in the United States, and the other nation mentioned haven’t purchased any U.S. real estate in recent years — only China has.

Author: Blake Ambrose