UN Goes Fully Woke — Institutes Global Reparations

U.N. Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet is urging worldwide reparations in a new report that cites George Floyd and using systemic racism worldwide as the reason for such reparations.

In summary, the report says: “The murder of George Floyd and the resulting protests worldwide have caused a watershed in the fight against racism. In some nations, there is now greater acknowledgment of the systemic nature of racism that affects Africans and people with African descent and the need to address the past to secure the future and uphold the dignity of all.”

Bachelet then spoke about the ,,“gratuitous brutality”,, of George Floyd’s death.

“I am asking for all nations to stop denying and start undoing racism. To create trust and to listen to Africans, and to deal with the past and deliver redress,” Bachelet said.

Bachelet praised efforts of groups like Black Lives Matter, saying they help give “grassroots leadership through listening to the people” and they should get “funding and support.”

“Black lives matter. The lives of people of color matter. All humans are born equal, that is what we believe,” she said.

Compensation should be looked at and thought about at the “collective and individual level,” Rishmawi said. She went on to say that any such program “begins with acknowledgment” of historical wrongs and “it’s not one-size-fits-all.” She also said that nations should reflect on their own history and practices to research how to continue.

Rishmawi also spoke about Bachelet’s team deciding that “a big part of the problem is that many believe the misconceptions that the ending of slavery and colonialism have removed the racial structures built by these practices. We found that this is not the case,” she said, while denouncing “linking blackness with criminality … we must address this.”

The insane idea of global reparations was immediately scorched on social media and so was the U.N.:

Author: Steven Sinclaire