Ukraine Prez Seeks to Unite the World Against Russian Invasion

Not much good has come out of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Putin has threatened the use of nuclear weapons and global war. The world’s leaders have shown themselves to be cowards who talk big but do nothing. And the many sanctions placed on Russia have done nothing to stop the fighting (because Russia is still doing trade with man countries), but have served to further cripple the U.S. economy.

But one silver lining has been the show of strength by the Ukrainian people. Millions of them have fled their homes (for good reason), but many have stuck it out to fight. Their president, Volodymyr Zelensky, was given offers to flee to the U.S. and other countries. He has refused, staying on the grounds to defy Putin. He’s even offered words of warning to Russian troops, promising them humane treatment if they surrendered.

Now, as NATO leaders gather to hem and haw, Zelensky is rallying the world.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has called for a worldwide boost in support for Kyiv as NATO leaders take part in an emergency summit in Brussels on Thursday to discuss the war in Ukraine.

“Come to your squares, your streets,” Zelensky said in his nightly video address to his nation and the world on Wednesday. “Make yourselves visible and heard. Say that people matter. Freedom matters. Peace matters. Ukraine matters.”

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has been meet by unexpectedly strong pushback from Ukrainian forces — though it is unclear for how long the Ukrainian military, far outmatched in size and resources by Russia, will be able to hold the attackers off. [Source: Just the News]

NATO is gathering for yet another summit to discuss Russia. Chances are, little will be done that can help Ukraine. NATO is mostly concerned with protecting its own ass and the country it supposedly protects. Ukraine will most likely serve as a sacrificial lamb, forcing NATO to improve its policies for future threats. But President Zelensky is not backing down. He is calling on the world to show support for Ukraine during this dark hour.

The Ukrainian people have been fighting back fiercely, reaching stalemates in many parts of the country. It’s unclear, though, what will come from this invasion and war. Can Ukraine and Russia come to some kind of agreement? That can only happen if Russia is kept in check and its leaders realize it is better to make peace than continue fighting. But that will require tremendous effort on the part of Ukraine’s allies.

Zelensky is doing all he can to muster support for his people. He is calling on the entire planet to get out in the streets and stand for Ukraine. More than just his people, he is urging everyone, everywhere to stand for freedom and peace. Because he knows, if Ukraine falls to Russia, what will stop it from taking more?

If the world won’t stand up for Ukraine, then Russia’s not going to end it there. More nations can fall, and in other parts of the world. A movement by regular citizens might wake up leaders to do much more.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Author: Moe Blow