U.S. Military Tests a Deadly New Weapon — Guess Who The Target Is?

The United States Navy carried out a successful test launch of a new laser technology in the Gulf of Aden this week.

Amphibious transport ship, the U.S.S. Portland destroyed a good sized target as it used a new Solid State Laser – Tech. Maturation Laser Demonstrator, as reported by a Navy media comment and press release. The Navy used the laser back in May of 2020 when it successfully destroyed a flying drone, The AP reported.

The Navy announced and demonstrated the new deadly weapon in the Gulf of Aden right off the coast of Yemen, which is between the Arabian Peninsula and East Africa. Yemen’s capital, Sanaa, has been recently fighting Saudi-led forces since it was taken over by Iran-backed Houthi rebels back in 2014.

The conflict hit a stalemate in 2015, though it has now become the world’s top humanitarian disaster, with a death toll around at 110,000. The new laser weapon system might now be used to counter targeted Houthi rebels and their drone boats in the Red Sea, as reported by the AP.

The Navy recently launched its 69th Arleigh Burke-class ship, named after the former Democratic Hawaii Senator Daniel Inouye, as reported in a Defense Dept. media release. The ship’s launch coincided with the 80th year remembrance of Pearl Harbor during the Commemoration at the Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickham on December 7.

This comes at a time when China has rapidly increased its military technology. With the communist nation testing a new hypersonic missile delivery system last month. America’s military has been criticized for its top-down enforcement of anti-white CRT and other training. Many retired military leaders have warned that the United States military is not up to the task of fighting a modern enemy for this reason. This test reveals that either this is not true, or that current military leaders are working to push back against this narrative by testing any weapon they have that appears new.

One thing is for sure: Biden’s weakness has emboldened America’s enemies and become a rallying cry for many nations to challenge America’s leadership.

Author: Blake Ambrose